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Higher Growth Ventures


Venture Wales knows just what it takes to grow a business from being an idea to becoming a viable venture and ultimately a major market force.  Our team also unequivocally identifies with entrepreneurs who have started and grown their business and their need to positively respond with the changing demands of the environment.

Growth companies experience a punishing pace of change that sets them apart from others and form the drivers of our economy. It is an exhilarating – if occasionally bumpy – ride for entrepreneurs and businesses, especially in this economic climate. But it is always a journey that can benefit from sound advice and support, which is why Venture Wales has assembled a highly experienced team with substantial knowledge of a range of business situations and challenges to help businesses on their way.  Our team will give you and your company support in any one or all of the following areas:-

  • Explore your business models
  • Help develop your routes to market and channel partners
  • Improve your marketing performance
  • Define your business growth strategy
  • Help guide your internationalisation process
  • Develop your business plan
  • Assess your finance needs
  • Help to form your optimum funding strategy
  • Advice on creating investor presentations
  • Seek funders, investors, loans and grants
  • Develop and maintain good employment practices
  • Build your management and non-executive teams

With our extensive business networks and close working relationships with all the key players in both public and private sectors in Wales we can help reduce the confusion and speed the growth journey. It all starts with a free consultation to decide what bespoke service will be best for you and your business.

As the first organisation in Wales to provide specialist business support services for entrepreneurs and new businesses with high growth potential, call Donna Jarman on 01443 742888 to find out how we can help.