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Company Turnaround

Company Turnaround Services

We are successful in managing turnarounds for companies with sales turnover from £500K to above £20 million across many different industry sectors within Wales.

We offer a professional solution to clients seeking practical assistance to overcoming the financial difficulties facing their business. This includes supporting them in negotiating with all existing stakeholders as well as other providers of finance both from the private and public sectors. This could include grants, loans, equity and asset finance options.

Our approach is to initially undertake a Business Diagnostics Review, incorporating a Balanced Scorecard methodology to review the whole business entity. This starts with reviewing the Vision of the business and focusing on the operational strategies in place to deliver the required results. It includes taking an independent objective external and internal review of the business. The external review concentrates on the current financial performance of the business, key ratios, the external market place, market share, economic factors, customer base, competition and product profitability. The internal review covers the key deliverables, including the robustness of the operational processes, adoption of best practices, use of technology and the organisational infrastructure and competencies in place to achieve the agreed strategy.

From this detailed Business Diagnostic Review the client receives a detailed report with recommendations, including an action plan to address the specific business issues requiring urgent attention. This report will also indicate if the business can be rescued or whether it should be signposted to a professional insolvency practitioner.

The process is basically a three-phased approach as follows:

Phase 1 : Business Diagnostic Review with action plan
Phase 2 : Development of a detailed Turnaround Plan for approval
Phase 3 : Implementation of the agreed Turnaround Plan

Assuming from the Business Diagnostic Review the business can be rescued; a detailed Turnaround Plan is developed and agreed with all the key stakeholders and including existing and new providers of funding.

Dependent upon the scale and urgency of the situation an Implementation team would be deployed to support the Company. This could range from using an individual specialist turnaround consultant, Interim Manager, Non-Executive Director to introducing a specialist action Red Team approach.

A detailed Turnaround Project Action Plan would be developed and agreed showing key milestones and responsibilities. This would be reviewed regularly with all key participants and monitored until completion.

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