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Improving Marketing Performance

Improving Marketing performance

Your product – ‘market fit’ is the essential ingredient for success. Venture Wales has a great deal of experience in helping clients improve their marketing performance, in many sectors of the economy and in both domestic and international contexts.

  • Our key service areas under the marketing team are:

Marketing Research shows clients how to better understand their markets and customers. Our research covers both industrial & services marketing using both primary and secondary research methods to achieve this understanding. We help clients understand their markets by, defining their size & structure, identifying customers and needs, evaluating trends which affect demand, assessing marketing entry strategies. We conduct around 50 research studies every year for private sector SME clients and have also been involved with larger studies for public sector clients. Our research work is vital for strategy and planning.

Marketing Strategy is clearer once clients have an understanding of the market, as successful strategy must be based on a clear understanding of the market and how it is evolving which applies equally to a new enterprise or to an existing firm trying to grow by introducing new products into new markets. We help clients develop an effective marketing strategy by aiming to develop a sustainable competitive advantage, which is linked to their overall corporate objectives.

Marketing Planning lists the functions, programmes and activities to be performed to ensure successful implementation. Our planning service assigns responsibilities for the team members to achieve results.

Internationalisation - growth companies need to incorporate the internationalisation process at an early stage and examine the options that they are best suited to. Key members of our marketing team have substantial international experience to guide you through this process. They also speak a number of languages to further help you through the cultural contexts of conducting business overseas.

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